A Cast of Blues, An Unforgettable Experience

NE Delta African American Heritage Museum

By Rickey and Missy Robertson, Publishers, Macaroni Kid Monroe - West Monroe November 30, 2022

Recently, while attending an event at the Northeast Louisiana Delta African American Heritage Museum I discovered an art exhibit that can be described as “breathtaking”.  I had seen a Facebook post about the exhibit, but to see it in person sent a wave of emotions through me. The exhibit features the work of two exceptional artists:  Ken Murphy and Sharon McConnell-Dickerson

Sharon McConnell-Dickerson is originally from New England but moved to Santa Fe in 1996 to study all aspects of art. After losing her sight at the age of 27 due to the fever stove eye disease Uveitis, she decided to focus on sculpture. She says, through sculpture, I have rediscovered my lost sense.”

Bobby "Blue" Bland Photograph: Rickey Robertson

Her exhibit features 15 resin casts of “Life Masks” of blues musicians. McConnell explains “A life cast is like a 3D photograph to someone who is blind. It captures the flesh, muscle, bone, hair, and the subtle expressions of emotion.”  To date, she has created fifty-five life masks, and they have been exhibited across the country in the New Mexico State Capitol, Albuquerque Museum, the Blind Faith Gallery in Clarksdale, Mississippi, and several college campuses. Now it’s right here in Monroe, Louisiana! 

Photograph by Rickey Robertson

Also, as part of the exhibit, you will find Ken Murphy’s 15 photographs which feature blues artists and flamboyant juke joints in which they played. The color photos were selected from Murphy’s book, “Mississippi: State of Blues”

This awesome exhibit is well worth the few bucks price of admission. Each piece has an explanation of the person or venue featured. Class field trips to the museum are also encouraged. 

For more information on the museum, you can visit its website

Adults: $5.00 (18 and Older)
17 and Under: FREE
Seniors: $3.00

Hours of Operation
Tuesday - Friday: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Saturday: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

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