The Masur Museum of Art, a Local Kid Hotspot!

Your child will love the scavenger hunt!

By Rickey Robertson, Publisher Macaroni Kid, Monroe-West Monroe December 29, 2022

With cooler weather, everyone is looking for super fun indoor activities for their kids and we/ve found the perfect spot for your family! We know your kids will enjoy it as much as our grandson did!

The Masur Museum of Art

Masur Museum of Art: The Masur currently has two art exhibits on site. And both are, quite honestly, amazing. On the first floor and part of the second, the exhibit is by Loren Schwerd entitled “Mudlark”. While it rolls on until February 4, 2023, I strongly urge you to take your children by to see it. Mudlark includes art that you really have to see to believe. And you need to read the stories on the walls that Schwerd uses to explain the art. To give you the short version, many of the pieces are literally stitched together with fishing lines or string from shards of plastic that washed up on the beaches of the West Coast. Others are huge pieces of rope that were pulled from the banks of the Mississippi and are on display along with photographs that show their locations at the time of discovery.

The other exhibit features art from several different African-American artists in several different genres with a variety of bright colors. Paint on wood, chairs converted into masterpieces, and unique pieces with little surprises you don’t notice your first time looking. Some of the artists include Grambling Professor and Visual & Performing Arts Department Head, Drek Davis; the local favorite, former teacher and well-known New Orleans native, Daryl Triplett and a piece by Richland Parish’s native son, Don Cincone. Beautiful artwork at every turn on the second floor, and down the back stairway to the final viewing room.

Phillip Gautreaux on a Scavenger Hunt at The Masur Museum

To top it all off, there is a scavenger hunt that you can help the kiddos with. If they find all the items on the scavenger hunt, they get a small prize. And while you’re there, let them take a look around the sensory area. They’ll find several interactive pieces where they can learn about different aspects of art. 

There is no cost to tour, but donations are always welcome.

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