The Masur Museum of Art, a FREE Local Hotspot for Kids!

Your child will love the scavenger hunt and playroom!

By Missy Robertson, Publisher Macaroni Kid, Monroe-West Monroe August 16, 2023

Local art museums are a crucial component of any community. They offer a unique space where art enthusiasts, connoisseurs, and novices alike can come together to appreciate and celebrate the rich diversity of artistic expression. Art museums play an essential role in promoting cultural awareness, fostering creativity, and inspiring a love of the arts in people of all ages.

We are so fortunate to have the prestigious Masur Museum of Art which has rotating exhibits that make each visit a unique experience. The Masur has the largest collecting and exhibiting visual arts museum in Northeast Louisiana. They are dedicated to providing our community with a dynamic visual arts experience through exhibitions, public programming, and collections management.

When you arrive at 1400 S. Grand Street, in Monroe you will know your visit is going to be special. The Masur Museum of Art was built as a private residence in 1929. A lumberman by the name of Clarence Edward Slagle had the modified Tudor estate built for his wife Mabel. The Indiana limestone and Pennsylvania blue slate used to build the home were transported on various waterways to the scenic Ouachita River, which runs behind the estate. The home was given the name Grey Gables by the Slagles.

Phillip Gautreaux on a Scavenger Hunt at The Masur Museum

As your family starts their visit you will want to direct your attention to the display located to the left. There you will find activities your whole family will enjoy; one such activity is the Masur Scavenger Hunt. The scavenger hunt incorporates art exhibits and small hidden armadillo adhesives throughout the museum. 

These scavenger hunts can be made even more exciting by incorporating playtime in the sensory playroom for kids. The sensory playroom offers a stimulating environment that engages children's senses, fosters creativity, and encourages exploration.

If you find all the scavenger hunt items, you take your completed sheet to the reception area for a small prize.

General admission is always FREE, but donations are always welcome.

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