Read Across America: Celebrating Local Author Madelane Addison

The Bully in Me: Retaliation a Rhyming Children's Book

By Rickey and Missy Robertson, Publishers Macaroni KID Monroe-West Monroe February 23, 2024


March 2nd, 2024, marks a special day for book lovers nationwide as communities come together to celebrate Read Across America. This year, we shine a spotlight on local author Madelane Addison and her impactful children's book, "The Bully in Me: Retaliation." 

In "The Bully in Me: Retaliation," Madelane Addison delves into the complex issue of bullying among children. Drawing from her experiences as an award-winning volunteer in the school system, Addison provides a poignant narrative that resonates with readers of all ages.

This vibrant-rhyming children's book, illustrated by Kayden Lirette, explores how children who are bullied can sometimes turn into bullies themselves, seeking power and acceptance within their peer groups. Addison's keen observations of children's interactions shed light on the cycle of bullying and its lasting effects on young minds.

Bookcover shared with permission of Madelane Addison, Illustration by Kayden Lirette

For many, including myself, "The Bully in Me: Retaliation" strikes a personal chord. As someone who faced bullying during childhood, I understand the profound impact it can have on a person's self-esteem and sense of belonging. Addison's work courageously confronts these challenges head-on, offering hope and understanding to those who have experienced similar struggles.

Note from the Author: The Bully In Me is one of the books in my series. This particular book means quite a bit to me. As a school volunteer for almost 2 decades, I saw how students engaged with one another on several levels. Being in this capacity allowed me to help mediate and be a sounding board when there was an issue. Bullying is an issue and it's not just with the youth. I wrote this book to help children not only be able to identify a bully but also to recognize that everyone has the capability of being a bully. It is our choices that determine how we react. The character in my book who is being bullied decided to take things into her own hands. But there's a twist! The first 2 books of my series about bullying are available at  Two more will be added soon. Stay tuned! #RaisingAwarenessOneBookAtATime

As we commemorate Read Across America this year, let us embrace the power of storytelling to foster empathy, promote inclusivity, and inspire positive change in our communities. Through books like "The Bully in Me: Retaliation," we empower voices that illuminate the human experience and encourage dialogue on important issues like bullying.

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