Local Five-Year Old Shares Her Voice for Peace and Justice

Celebrating MLK, Jr. and Black History Month

By Rickey and Missy Robertson, Publishers Macaroni KID Monroe-West Monroe February 15, 2024

In celebration of Black History Month, we are delighted to share an extraordinary essay written by 5-year-old Demi Talley. Demi is the talented daughter of Patience and DeRon Talley, who participated in the Martin Luther King, Jr. Essay Contest hosted by The Martin Luther King Jr. Foundation Ouachita Parish. This contest not only served as a platform for the community to reflect on the remarkable contributions of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., but it also encouraged individuals like Demi to express their thoughts and experiences related to Black history. 

The contest assigned essay topics based on age, Demi's topic was, Peace and Justice. Her parents shared images with examples of peace and justice and let her write from the heart:

Peace is beautiful. Peace makes me happy. I love peace, because everybody can be nice and be friends. To bring peace in the world you should help people and be nice to people. I love peace, and it makes me excited.

Justice is getting in trouble when you do bad things. And when you do great things, you should be rewarded. But when you get it wrong, you have to try again next time. - Demi Talley

Photo Credit: Patience and DeRon Talley

Congratulations to Demi on her outstanding achievement of winning 1st Place in the Peace and Justice category! Macaroni KID Monroe-West Monroe is incredibly proud of you. Keep up the fantastic work, Demi, and continue making a positive impact in your community and beyond. Well done!

The celebration continues with the excitement of the Black Heritage Parade. The parade is scheduled for February 24th, 2024, and brings communities together to celebrate Black culture, history, and heritage.

Black Heritage Parade
Theme: Black Excellence: Past, Present, Future
Date: 2/24/24
Time: 10 am - 11 am
Location: The corner of Washington Blvd. at N. 6th St., Monroe, LA